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Surface of Stone

Paint Chip Floors are a combination of epoxy and paint chips. These floors are very strong and durable. The base of the floor is high strength epoxy which comes in a variety of colors. The paint chip part of the floor can be applied to completely cover the floor or to accent the base of the floor. Paint Chip Floors are ideal for kitchens, washrooms, garages, basements, and commercial areas. Coming in a variety of colors, they are a great way to give you a surface to be proud of. The paint chips are added to give color which can match any scenery. Floors are given a clear coat to seal in the color and protect the surface. Though usually applied to concrete, this coating can also be applied to solid wood.

Maintenance- Floors can be maintained by mopping or scrubbing.

Uses- This type of floor can be used on any concrete surface, but is ideal in garages, basements, washrooms, and kitchens.

Installation- The installation can take anywhere from 5-7 days.

L.A. Decks Surface of Stone
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