L.A. Decks

Surface of Stone

L.A.'s Agricultural Coatings are designed with the farming community in mind. We have coatings for your cow troughs, milk houses, milk parlors, etc. Make your milk house easy to clean and please your milk house inspector at the same time.

15-20 years ago, we introduced the L.A. Cow Troughs, a new revolutionary alternative to conventional tile troughs. L.A. Cow Troughs are a seamless product which makes sweeping feed easy and less of a chore. It chemically bonds to a concrete surface which means you will not have to worry about water getting underneath it causing a foul-smelling odor. Try L.A. Cow Troughs today!

Color Quartz

Color Quartz is an industrial strength commercial, residential, and agricultural floor coating designed for fork lift and heavy traffic areas; including warehouse, kitchen, cafeteria, silo, milk house, and basement floors. Color Quartz is a combination of quartz and epoxies that is applied by either trowel or broadcasting. It gives floors a coating that keeps them attractive and looking new. Read more about Color Quartz.

L.A. Decks Surface of Stone
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