L.A. Decks

Surface of Stone

Acid Staining is a great technique for giving you a creative way to show off your floors. It is ideal for the residential and commercial world. Acid stain etches concrete and at the same time adds color and design. Acid stain reacts to the minerals in the concrete. The unique part of acid stain is that every floor will have its own look, almost as though it was signing its name to your floor. You will enjoy choosing from a variety of different colors and watching your floor come to life! Coming in all kinds of colors and designs, it definitely will make an old floor look new or a new floor look better. This special coating is sealed to keep your floor the way it was when it was installed.

Maintenance- Maintenance with this coating is simple. If it would ever get dirty a mop and water would easily clean it off.

Uses- Use this floor virtually anywhere. It has been used in garages, restaurants, kitchens, etc, although it can be used on any concrete surface.

Installation- The installation process can take anywhere from 3-5 days.

L.A. Decks Surface of Stone
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